Bible Study Resources

Here are a few of my favorite resources for my bible study and for teaching my daughter about Jesus.

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My Favorite Resources

She Reads Truth Bible (CSB)

 This has been my favorite bible I’ve ever had by far! Its absolutely beautiful for one and I just love being in it. It has a topical index in back, a read the bible in a year plan and in the beginning of each book there is a plan for that book and contains supplemental “going deeper” scriptures to read as well. There are also backgrounds for each book along with relevant timelines, themes and maps that are so easy to follow. You’ll also find devotionals throughout the bible that can help shine a new perspective on what you’re reading. I just love this bible, I feel excited to dig in and I feel so inspired to connect with God. I can’t recommend this bible enough!


Bible Highlighters (gel)

 These highlighters are especially great for bibles because they don’t bleed through at all. (I’ve also heard colored pencils are great to use as well for that same reason.) These are sort of like a twist crayon in the sense that they are a little waxy but they are more see through like a highlighter. I wasn’t sure what to expect and they ended up being really cool. I have used different keys to highlight and ended up making up my own that uses all 6 of these colors and I love reading my bible with highlighters and my key because it helps me process everything I’m reading and really take note of what God wants to communicate to me.


I love having a journal with me when I’m studying the bible. I definitely recommend getting one or two. One for study notes and one for prayers. This one is super cute and priced well. It’s easy to spend a lot of money on journals but its not necessary. There are beautiful journals on amazon for under $10 (the one shown here is under $5!) and to be honest most of my journals I get from TJ Maxx or Marshalls and usually don’t pay more than $5. For my journals, I consider price, line spacing, size, quality, style, and binding. I also love to give journals as gifts to women studying the bible or new Christians with a hand written scripture and or prayer for that person 😉

For Kids:

Found: Psalm 23

 I love reading this book to my daughter! Plus, I have a special place in my heart for psalm 23. This book is so sweet and beautifully illustrated.





The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name

 I couldn’t find the exact bible Layla has but I’ve heard wonderful things about this one although I think its more for a bit older kids.